Israel Law Service Request

To Whom It May Concern,

Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters' Association (TET hereafter) is a professional establishment operating under the body of Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters Association and representing Electrical Electronics and Services exporters of Turkey. The Association is assisting its members to increase national exports at the Electrical Electronics and Services sector and organizing, supervising export activities of member firms and taking necessary precautions on these activities. The Association negotiates with official authorities for solving problems at every level of export process, ensuring the decisions to be taken and realizing organizations for that goal.

As it is understood from the petition, on June 27, 2017, Israel published a notice of initiation of “Anti-Dumping Investigation on Cables” originating from Turkey and/or the conditions of the import thereof caused or are likely to cause serious injury to the domestic industry.

Thus, TET is planning to take legal support from a law firm to finalize investigation processes in a positive way in the injury determination stage to defend Turkey.

In this respect, we would like to receive “a proposal” about the defense of Turkey in these investigations from a company which is considered experienced in trade remedy investigations and preferably has a partner in Israel.

The offer should set out a general strategy, information about which cases defended previously and the associated budget. The associated budget should be on “per hour& flat- fee” bases, and total expected budget. Please make sure that your proposal covers injury determination stage fees for TET and hearings if necessary.

The deadline for the proposal is July 11, 2017 until 17:30 pm (GMT +3).

For your attention: Advocacy service fee will be paid as described below, and in case of ending without any prevention %60 of the total fee will be paid as success fee.

1. Instalment: After completion of the first written submission to the Commission (%10)
2. Instalment: After completion of the second written submission to the Commission (%10)
3. Instalment: After the Hearing process (%10)
4. Instalment: After the publication of the final determination (%10)

If,  before  the  completion   of  the  above  stages  the  case  is  terminated   for  any  reason whatsoever without  the imposition of any tax, or in case of Turkey's exemption from the investigation due to low import shares in the specific country, the remaining  amount  of the agreed total fee shall not be paid by the Association.

Best regards,

S. Armağan VURDU
Secretary General


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