Projects we involved and directing members to the sources

European Union is Turkey's biggest trade partner. National governments and the EU have strict regulations on consumer and environmental protection. Since the exporters need to ensure that their products comply with the legislation of the country that they supply with, İMMİB held the responsibility to inform its members about EU legislation and key EU political initiatives concerning industry. At an international level, the industry also complies with a number of programmes and conventions.

Providing information on legislations and voluntary initiatives

So İMMİB try to keep its members updated with these programmes and legislations. Some specific EU Legislation such as REACH, CLP, biocidal products, cosmetics, electronics (RoHS & WEEE) or initiatives such as eco-label and eco-design can be found on our website (in Turkish).

We also try to put basic information about some other domestic or international initatives such as climate change, waste management, global product strategy (GPS), Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions etc.

Projects we involved and directing members to the sources

You may find a brief information on the projects that İMMİB involved such as ‘Sectoral Foreign Trade Teams' or ‘e-development'. On our EU portal we also try to direct our members on how to access some funds and grants as a starting point nad give them brief information on different programmes they may benefit.

The Project titled "Sectoral Foreign Trade Teams” governed by Istanbul Iron and Steel Exporters' Association and financed with the contribution of the European Commission and the Republic of Turkey. The main aim of the project is to support young unemployed people who have already entered the labor market yet are not able to find a job and also provide trainings to young university graduates as qualified employees in order to meet the expectation of employers and business world.

Another project called "E-Development@İMMİB” is granted by İstanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) and aiming to promote member SMEs willing to raise their market share in the global environment. The project consists of training programmes (on foreign trade, e-trade, supply chain, setting a website for business etc.) for the selected company representatives.